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About us


Almog Technical Equipment – all the best equipment for the professional, industry, and the home

Welcome to Almog, the leading store in northern Israel for DIY (do it yourself), renovation, and home improvement products and technical equipment for professionals, factories, and individuals.

The huge store has 3,000-sq.m. of floor space offering a diverse yet comprehensive shopping experience that is worth your while. At Almog, you will find all the leading brands at attractive prices, even as they meet the meticulous ISO 9000 quality and service standard.

The company, founded over 30 years ago, specializes in hand and power tools, paint, plumbing supplies, hydraulics, cleaning equipment and other appliances, screws, gardening equipment, camping equipment, grills, and work clothes.

Personal and professional service: A staff of 50 experts are available to help you choose the best products for your needs and train you in their use.

Uncompromising quality: Almog is proud to work with the best companies and brands in the world, offering the most reliable, top-quality, and state-of-the-art equipment. You can place personal orders with us and even repair and make items at our workshop.

Our departments:


Almog offers all solutions for painting for individuals, contractors, repairmen, and factories. At Almog you will find a huge selection of colors and shades for wood, interior and exterior walls, plaster, metal, and more, as well as all the accessories for painting.


Almog’s Hydraulics Department imports, manufactures, designs, and markets advanced hydraulics systems. We supply a vast selection of hydraulic solutions for factories, professionals, and individuals. You can order special components, and we can also manufacture customized components for you at our hydraulics workshop.


Almog has available all plumbing solutions for individuals, professionals, and factories. Our plumbing department offers a wide range of products, from galvanized pipes and PVC sewage and drainage pipes to select sanitary products, connectors, unclogging equipment, siphons, and much more.

Power tools

Drills, screwdrivers, power tool sets disks, flexes, diamond saws, saws, hammer drills, circular saws, polishers, and many more power tools for personal or professional use. You are invited to enter a world of the best and most innovative power tools – be impressed, seek advice, try out, and choose.

Hand tools

Almog is the Israel’s largest marketer of the european brand Yato, which offers low-price modern design high-quality hand tools, including screwdrivers, wrenches, box cutters, cutters, garage tools, pliers, clamps, silicon guns, grease guns, and toolboxes.


Almog offers a range of the world’s best-selling high-quality gas-fired grills – Char-Broil – the American grill that leaves the competition in the dust, using infrared technology, which guarantees the perfect and juiciest grilled meat. You will also find all the accessories.

Keter Plastic

At Almog, you will find Keter Plastic furniture – beautiful, well-designed, high-quality, and indulgent: chairs and lounge chairs; large and small round and square tables; rattan sofas; swings; stools; and tanning beds. We also stock plastic sheds in a range of sizes, toolboxes, baskets, and chests of drawers.

Camping equipment

Almog has select top-quality camping equipment by Modan. We offer tents, mattresses, folding beds and chairs, hammocks, coolers, backpacks and much more in a range of sizes and options.

Electrical appliances

Almog’s shopping experience offers its customers top brand appliances at low prices: microwave ovens, toasters, food processors, space heaters, fans, ovens, stoves, washing machines and dryers, and more.

Work clothes and shoes

Almog has a selection of work clothes by leading brands, to be able to work in comfort and safety, including shirts, pants, overalls, work shoes, hard-top boots, and helmets.


Almog offers all solutions needed for private gardens and public parks, from the smallest irrigation pipe connectors for the backyard to commercial-grade pipes in a range of sizes and types. You will also find here hand tools, lawnmowers, rakes, leaf blowers, root removers, and more.

Washing machines

Almog specializes in washing machines, offering state-of-the-art machines for industrial-grade cleaning with high-pressure hot water, as well as cold water high-pressure for cleaning floors at home and in the yard. Our repairs department offers solutions for every breakdown or problem.

Nuts and bolts

Almog has a whole world of screws, nuts and bolts for factories, professionals, and individuals. You will find here screws, anchors, bolts, and nuts for wood, plywood, concrete, metal, plaster, and more.